Required Player Waivers

Signing the Required Waivers

As we return to play after our COVID-19 shutdown, we are required to have players sign liability waivers. TWO waivers are required, one is from the Parks & Rec Dept. and the other is from the Club. We are trying to minimize team check-in so we are offering electronic upload.

Click the links in the Downloads column and download the waivers.

You have a few options: print, sign and scan; print, sign, and hand in; or print, sign and take a phone photo.

Note - the files are fillable PDFs if you would like to use Adobe Acrobat.

Print and Scan (preferred)

Print the waivers, sign, and scan back to a PDF.

Besides a printer scanner, there are several scan app options for your phone. If you have an iPhone, you can use the Notes app to scan a document. See the process here. Scan a document on iPhone or iPad.

Print to Hand In

We can go "old school" as well. Print the waivers, sign, and bring to your coach.

Print and Take Phone Photo

If you do not have a scanner or a scan app on your phone, print the waiver, sign and take a phone photo. Please be sure that all four corners are visible and the photo is clear.

Submitting the Waivers

To submit the Waivers:

  • Email to your Team Manager, or
  • Bring to your coach



Most Team Managers will be collecting the files. For those who are unavailable, you can send the files to Please only send here if your Team Manager is not collecting them.



If you do not submit the waivers ahead of time, the player will need to present them to the coach before they are allowed on the field.

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