Space Coast United Soccer Club's mission is to provide high-quality soccer instruction to children in our community in a safe and fun environment. We are a charitable organization benefiting minors under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Club is dependent upon membership fees, fundraising events, supporter giving, and business sponsorships to fulfil our mission.

See more below about Our Market and Sponsorship options.

Sponsorship Levels

All Sponsorship levels will receive recognition on our Club Website as well as Social Media platforms. Sponsorships run for the current soccer season (Fall to Spring).


Cat 1: $300 - One Single-Sided 4’x6’ Fence Sign

Cat 2: $1200 - One 7’5” Bench with Canopy (younger age brackets)

Cat 3: $1600 - One 15’ Bench with Canopy (older age brackets)

Cat 4: $2400 - Two 4’x6’ Single-Sided Fence Signs and One 15’ Bench with Canopy

Cat 5:  $3400 - Two 4’x6’ Single-Sided Fence Signs, One 15’ Bench with Canopy, One 7’5” Bench with Canopy


$500 – Donation to go directly towards the monthly/yearly maintenance costs of equipment and facilities.

Sun Shower

Donations go directly into the financial aid fund to assist families who could not otherwise afford for their child to play soccer … be a ray of sunshine in somebody’s storm.

Perfect Storm

$10,000+ – Custom package to include a full field sponsorship.

Player or Team Supporter

You are also able to sponsor an individual player or team. This can allow a child to play who may otherwise have been unable to. Please note that funds that go directly to a player are not tax deductible.


Our Market

Space Coast United Soccer Club trains and/or plays home games at five fields in central Brevard County:

  • Viera Regional Park – Viera
  • Wickham Park Soccer Fields – Melbourne
  • Dick Blake Park – Rockledge
  • McKnight Family Sports Complex – Rockledge
  • Rotary Park - Merritt Island

Our Reach

Digital marketing – Website placement and social media promotion

We have well over 2,000 followers on Facebook and cross-post to Instagram and Twitter.


Field signage – Fence signs, concession stand signage, field number signs, or netting banners at our various locations

Field signage has the potential to reach tens of thousands of individuals over the course of the year. In addition to our club members attending regular training sessions; away teams, tournament competitors, and other park visitors unrelated to our soccer activity see these signs. Exposure is greatest at our home field of Viera Regional Park, but satellite locations also experience significant traffic over the course of the year.


Jerseys - Logo placement on recreation or competition jerseys

Jersey exposure is even greater than field signage as your logo will be seen by a larger market when teams participate in away league games and tournaments throughout the state of Florida and the southeastern United States.


T-shirts – Logo placement on t-shirts for camps, training, tournaments, or special events

T-shirts are a great way for your company to be seen throughout our community. Not only do the players wear these during the event, they continue to wear them at school and around town for several more years.


Creative Ideas - Companies with unique ideas are welcome to make special requests to meet their needs

You may have a promotional item you would like us to distribute to our members or brand our concession stand supplies. If you have an idea, we’re happy to see if it is a good fit for our organization.

Become an Official Club Sponsor

Contact the Sponsorship Committee with your interest by email to fundraising@spacecoastsoccer.org.

For sponsorships larger than $1000, we will customize a proposal specifically designed for your company. The club president will work with you to determine which marketing benefits will be of greatest value to your organization based upon your budget and business needs.

For example, a sponsor wishing to support our mission with a $3,000 investment may be interested in fence and netting signage at several field locations as well as spring camp t-shirts. A sponsor investing $5,500 may like to see their logo on lamppost signs lining Viera Regional Park’s walkways. A sponsor investing $10,000 may prefer to see their logo on concession stand supplies, concession stand signage, and field number signage. A sponsor with business locations extending outside of Brevard County investing $15,000 might prefer their logo on our competitive training jerseys rather than park signage.

A member of our staff or board is always available to arrange a meeting at any of our field locations if you would like to gain a better sense of signage potential. Your generosity is accepted with deep gratitude. Thank you for supporting Space Coast United Soccer Club and helping us ensure our community’s children have a fun and safe soccer experience!

Space Coast United Soccer Club  |  P.O. Box 410301, Melbourne, FL  32941  |   info@spacecoastsoccer.org