On-Line and Pre-Game Check-In

The Space Coast Cup requires mandatory Online Check-in. All teams must check-in through their GotSport Team accounts. An in-person check-in will be available for missing passes on Saturday morning.

Teams will not need to print approved rosters, the uploaded documents will be verified and printed for the Referee packets. We recommend having a copy of your roster available in case of any issues.

Questions or issues? DO NOT use GotSport Messaging. Email us at spacecoastcup@spacecoastsoccer.org.

Upload Instructions

The GotSport help page is here with screen samples.

  1. Login to your GotSport account and go to Team Management. Click your team.
  2. Click the Team Registrations tab.
  3. Choose Space Coast Cup 2021
  4. Click the Registration tab.
  5. Click on the yellow Edit button next to Registration Form Answers.
  6. Scroll down to the Upload Center boxes. For each requirement click Choose File and select the appropriate file.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.<< IMPORTANT


Required Documents

For Online Check-In Upload:

  • Player Passes
  • Official State/Association Roster
  • Guest Player forms (if applicable)

On-hand at the tournament:

  • Laminated coach and player passes for game day check in.
  • Medical Release form for every player
  • a copy of your roster in case of any discprepancies
  • the Hotel Survey Form to be handed in at check-in (coming soon)


Upload the official PDF document of your roster – download the roster from GotSport, TGS, etc.  Passes should also be downloaded as a PDF (or scanned as one). If the file exceeds upload limits you may split it.


Documents must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Mon., Nov. 1.

You must contact the Tournament Director if you have any changes after the initial upload. Any roster inconsistencies could cause an ineligible player. Contact spacecoastcup@spacecoastsoccer.org

In-person Saturday Check-in: Anyone who has changed a roster must bring 5 copies of the roster along with the appropriate passes to this in-person check-in.

Guest Player Forms

FYSA Guest Player Forms and US Club Loan Forms need approval by your registrar and the registrar of the guest player.

The FYSA Guest Player Form is done online by the player's club registrar and approved by your registrar. The form should then be saved/printed as PDF and uploaded.

The US Club Loan Form can be initiated by either club and is signed by both registrars.

US Club Player Loan Form

Pre-Game Check-In

  • Present laminated player and coach passes to the referee.
  • Note, it is not required that the coach be listed on the roster as long as they have a valid pass.
  • We recommend you have a roster handy in case of any discrepancies, but it is not required at check-in.