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Parents Note: uniform kits are ordered through a link sent directly to you from soccer.com. By using the link the player number will be applied to the jersey. The Team Manager will collect the jersey numbers and get them to our uniform coordinator. The link will then be sent directly to you from soccer.com.

Our uniform coordinator is Jason Halsey, jason.halsey@spacecoastsoccer.org

Home kit: white jersey/red shorts/white socks
Away kit: hoop jersey/black shorts/black socks
Practice kit: grey jersey/black shorts/black socks


Uniforms have changed for 2021-22. All players will need new uniforms. Payment is made when ordering on soccer.com.

Hoop Away Jersey (1) @ $39.29

White Home Jersey (1) @ $39.29

Red Shorts (1) @ $20.01

Black Shorts (2) @ $20.01 = $40.02

Black Socks (2) @ $9.23 = $18.46

White Socks (1) @ $9.23 ea

Grey Training Jersey* (1) @ $28.55

Warmup Jacket (1) @ $45.84

SCUSC Backpack (1) @ $49.34

Puma ball (1) @ $15.39 (recommended, not required)

*We recommend two training jerseys as players wear them to every practice.

TOTAL: $305.42

Fan Gear Shirts, Hats, Jackets & more

Fan gear is also available at soccer.com. Go to the Space Coast United Fanwear Page.


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