Developmental Program - A Stepping Stone to Jr Division


6 weeks, Saturday mornings

6 sessions, $59

9:00 to 10:15 a.m.

Viera Regional Park, Field 5

Rec, current Comp and potential Comp players all welcome, including from other clubs.

This is not a competitive program. We want to create an environment that prepares and develops players for the Jr. Division, but also benefits those who just want to have fun and enjoy the game.

What is Developmental and How Does it Work?

The Developmental Program was designed to challenge and better prepare those players ages 6 to 10 years old for the next level of soccer. In effect, we are tiering this group to train together with the focus on developing players for the older age groups. Our basic philosophy is that focusing on individual player development with fundamental ball skills, realistic and fair game time and developing players in all areas of the field should be the overriding factors at this age.

The Developmental approach places the emphasis on the player and their individual development and not that of the team. The main focus is technical development without the pressure of short-term, result oriented games.

What We Want To Do

For the 7U group, we want to develop a pool of players in addition to their FUNdamentals teams.

At the 8U and up ages, we will start to tier the pool of players into more of a team focus. However, all players in the pool are still being developed.

The end goal will be to ensure that as we move towards the Jr Division age brackets we have a big enough talent pool that have experienced a high level of training so that we can field at least one team in each age bracket.

Player Development

The Developmental Program is intended to enhance development by providing professional coaching to young soccer players who have already shown signs of being ready for and are committed and dedicated to a higher level of play. The program is geared towards the individual player’s skill, ball mastery and technique. Team results are secondary at this young age and will not be a priority.

Developmental Training

Training includes:

Individual ball oriented, technical training including dribbling, running with the ball, feints, escaping from defenders and ball striking.

The development of teaching roles/shape and not positions.

Teaching small groups to keep possession of the ball with the use of individual skill as well as passing and movement.

The introduction of passing and receiving with both feet leading to increase in speed of play.


Program Coordinators

Nic Nazon

Vince Laleau


The main objective of Developmental is to provide a program that develops talented young players in an environment where the focus is NOT on results of the team but instead on results of the player.

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