Comp TGS Registration Help


You've received an invitation to register, now what? The instructions below give you the detailed steps to register for Space Coast United’s 2020-21 Competitive Season.

Total Global Sports (TGS) HELP

If you are having trouble with your account, please contact TGS Support.

TGS SUPPORT: Parent Help Page, 855-847-1805,

Each family has TWO TGS Accounts:

Parent Account - this is made from the email you used for the parent when you registered for Tryouts. You register and upload the US Club Form and Birth Certificate to this account.

Player Account - this is made from the email you entered for the player (13 years and up). You upload the photo to this account.

About Forms

During registration, you will see a Player/Parent Agreement and Forms to download.

  • The Agreement is signed through the registration.
  • The forms depend on the player status.
  • You can download the forms during registration to add or hand in later. You are also welcome to upload them now.


Who needs which forms:

Team TypeForms
ALL TEAMSSCUSC Waiver and Parks & Rec Waiver if they were not turned in at Tryouts
Pre-ECNL, ECNL or ECNL RL TeamBirth Certificate/Passport, US Club
White TeamFYSA Waiver, FYSA Medical Release


Medical Release

US Club Registration/Release: The League is either ECNL, Florida Girls ECNL RL, or Florida Boys ECNL RL.

FYSA Medical Release

Registration Insurance

You can protect your registration investment with registration insurance from Sports Refund. We have partnered with them to make this option available to our members.

For only 4.25% of the cost of your registration, by signing up for SportsRefund coverage, if they Can’t Play, you Don’t Pay!

SCUSC provides partial refunds to players who receive season-ending injuries while participating in SCUSC events only, this does not include high school or guest-play soccer.

To better understand how SportsRefund can help your family, please please visit their website here or watch this short video.


How to Register in Total Global Sports (TGS)

Download these Instructions

If your parent account is already set up and you have the registration code, you can start at


A player email is required for players 13 years and older. A parent can NOT share the same email as a player in the TGS system. This is due to the college recruiting connection and how the messaging works.

If your 13+ years child is currently using your email address we recommend that you log in to your player’s account and change their email address to their own personal email address or use an alternative email address for yourself. To log into your child's account please use this link. [The player's email was sent a welcome when their account was created through Tryouts registration. A link in that email is used to activate the account.]

Step 1 - Invitation Email

You will be invited to register your child.

The email is sent to the one on the Parent account and will be titled Your Invitation to Register to SCUSC and will come from TOTAL GLOBAL SPORTS.

The email contains links to login or activate an account and a code to use for registration.

Step 2 - Parent Account

If you did not set up a Parent Account at Tryouts registration

Start with your Invitation to Register email.

Click the link under You Already Have A Parent Account. Click the link below to create your password and log in.

You are brought to the Create Parent Account screen. Enter a password, confirm it, and click Create Account. You are brought to the TGS login screen. Login to the account.

If you already set up a Parent Account

Follow the steps above and enter the set password at the Create Parent Account screen. (Or enter a new password.)

Step 3 - Register

  1. Login to your parent account with the email and password you set. Start at
    You are first brought to the Dashboard. On the left you will see a listing under My Children.
  2. Click on your child’s name. More options display.
  3. Click on Registration. The registration code box appears in the window.
  4. Enter the code from the email and click Go. Now you are in the Registration!
  5. Questions tab
    Answer the Volunteer Requirement question. Carefully choose from the dropdown menu. Scroll down the page and hit Next.
    (If you will be paying in full or by July 15, our Volunteer Requirement is waived. You will have an option to add the Opt-Out on a later screen.)
  6. Forms/Agreement tab
    Download any forms that apply to your player. You can sign and upload these after registration or do it now.
  7. Carefully read the entire Parent/Player Agreement. Click I agree to the terms. Click Next.
  8. Select Your Fee tab
    Choose a Payment Plan. When you click on a plan it shows the schedule of payments. Click Next.
  9. If you would like to Donate to our Financial Assistance Program, you can do so here. Check an amount. This allows us to assist more children to play soccer.If you are choosing the Volunteer Opt-Out Fee, do so here. Check the box.
  10. Checkout tab
    Add any Discount Code you may have and click Apply. Click Check Out.
    Unless you chose Pay in Full, you are only charged the $50 deposit. The next payment will be due July 15.
  11. Click Credit Card or Debit Card.
  12. Click Add New Card. To the right, enter the card information. Click the Add Card button.
  13. Click the Agreement box. Click Process Payment.

Your registration is complete! You will receive a verification email.

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