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You've made a team, now what? You will receive an email from your Coach with a registration link. You can also scroll down and start registration below.

Registration is through GotSport. Please see the information below about your existing account and available support. If you have further questions, email

Your GotSport Account

Returning Players

All returning Space Coast players have a GotSport account. Please do not create a duplicate account.

To claim the current account:

  1. Start here at GotSport.
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter the email address and click Reset Password.
  4. Follow the link sent by email to reset the password.
  5. You will be brought to your GotSport account.
  6. Click Family to see your child listed. (If they are not shown, you will add them through registration.)
  7.  A license-style photo of only the player's face is needed for the player pass. If the picture isn't recent, please upload an updated one.

If you prefer to use a different email, claim the account and then change the email once logged in.

New Players

If you used GotSport at another Club or for Rec at SCU, you will use the same account. You do not make a new one. Log in with your existing login.

If you have not used GotSport, create a new account.

GotSport Language

Set GotSport to Spanish or another language: GotSport allows you to set your preferred language. On the Account screen find the Prefered Language menu and choose from the list.

Having trouble?

See the GotSport Support links below. If these do not help contact

About Forms

During registration, you will enter information that is used to fill the necessary forms. This includes insurance and medical information. Unless you see a * on the field, it is optional.

You will be brought to a Forms page. Click the buttons to start and complete each form.

  • Player/Parent Agreement.
  • For US Club the R002 Registration/Medical Release form
  • For FYSA the Medical Release form
  • Association releases

Start Registration Here

Follow the instructions below to register. These registration links are per-team. DO NOT register a sibling into the same program unless they are in the same association (US Club vs FYSA). For example, a GCF player cannot be registered at the same time as an ECNL player, but ECNL, ECNLR and NPL can be registered together.

IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU BEGIN - please see above about your existing account. If you feel that you've reached a dead end at any time, click on the registration link again.

Steps to registration:

  1. Click the link below that matches your child's team. You must start from the link, not from your GotSport account.
  2. Log in with your email and password or click Create An Account.
    If you create an account, when complete, return to the link below to start registration again.
  3. Next to your child's name click Register.
  4. Continue through the screens. You are able to add another Parent/Guardian along the way if desired.
  5. The Medical information is required for the medical release forms to be generated. Fields without a * are optional.
  6. Answer questions and sign the agreement.
  7. Complete and sign the needed forms.
  8. Select your desired payment plan.
  9. Choose a Donation if you wish. Increments in $5 are increased through the Select Quantity pulldown. Continue.
  10. Click Checkout. Enter your credit card information and check the Yes, I agree box.
  11. Click Pay. The $150 deposit is charged with registration. All other payments start July 15.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, you have not completed registration. Login from the link and click Continue.

About Register Someone Else: it is important you use this option only if the second player is in the same Association as the first (US Club or FYSA). If one player is GCF and the other is any other league, you cannot use this option. You will not be given the correct registration fees and may over or underpay.

US Club Teams




U11 2013 Boys Pre-ECNL - Memisevic/Gust
U12 2012 Boys Pre-ECNL - Memisevic
U13 2011 Boys ECNL - Nazon
U14 2010 Boys ECNL - Memisevic
U15 2009 Boys ECNL - Armstrong
U16 2008 Boys ECNL - McGimsey
U17 2007 Boys ECNL - Simas
U18/19 05/06 Boys ECNL - McGimsey



U11 2013 Girls Pre-ECNL - Bryant
U12 2012 Girls Pre-ECNL - Bryant
U13 2011 Girls ECNLR - Messina
U14 2010 Girls ECNLR - Messina
U15 2009 Girls ECNLR - Dixon
U16 2008 Girls ECNLR - Dixon
U17 2007 Girls ECNLR - Lord
U18/19 05/06 Girls ECNLR - Lord



U17 2007 Boys NPL - Pitts

U18/19 05/06 Boys NPL 1 - Pitts

U18/19 04/05 Boys NPL 2 - Villanueva




Red, White, & Black Teams


US Club


U9 2015 Boys Red - Campo
U9 2015 Boys White - Perez

U10 2014 Boys Red - Campo
U10 2014 Boys White - McGuire

U11 2013 Boys White - Baraket
U11 2013 Boys Black - TBD

U12 2012 Boys White - Perez
U12 2012 Boys Black - Baraket
U12 2012 Boys Black 2 - TBD

U13 2011 Boys White - Iddrisu

U14 2010 Boys White - Osaro
U14 2010 Boys Black - Iddrisu

U15 2009 Boys White - Osaro
U16 2008 Boys White - Daffron
U17 2007 Boys White - Yarbrough

US Club


U9 2015 Girls Red - Cousins

U10 2014 Girls Red - Cousins

U11 2013 Girls White - Fuentevilla

U12 2012 Girls White - Shannon

U13 2011 Girls White - Ladd

U14 2010 Girls White - Fuentevilla

U15 2009 Girls White - Shannon

U16 2008 Girls White - Moon, Sottile

U19 2005 Girls White - Smith



U8 2016 Girls Red - Miller
U8 2016 Girls White 

U8 2016 Boys Red - A Campos
U8 2016 Boys White

U9 2015 Boys Black 

GotSport Support Pages

GotSport offers some good support pages with detailed instructions. Your best bet is to start at the Parents/Players page. CLICK HERE FOR THE PARENT SUPPORT DESK.

Some direct links:

Registering a Player

Creating a New Account

How to Register Multiple Players

How to View Player Registrations

Uploading a Photo

Uploading Documents from the Parent Account (ex. birth certificate)

Registration Insurance

You can protect your registration investment with registration insurance from Sports Refund. We have partnered with them to make this option available to our members.

For only 2.5% of the cost of your registration, by signing up for SportsRefund coverage, if they Can’t Play, you Don’t Pay!

SCUSC provides partial refunds to players who receive season-ending injuries while participating in SCUSC events only, this does not include high school or guest-play soccer.

To better understand how SportsRefund can help your family, please please visit their website here or watch this short video.


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