SCU College Placement Coordinator

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Ian McGimsey
College Placement Coordinator
Assistant Director of Coaching

2019 - USSF C License

2017 - USSF D License

2022 Space Coast United 07 Boys ECNL, 04/05 Boys ECNL

2018-2022 Louisiana state university Eunice head Women's soccer coach & Men's assistant coach

2014-2018 Northeast Texas CC head women's soccer coach

Playing Experience
2007-2009 Men's Soccer And Men's Basketball, Monroe CC ( NJCAA D1)
2009-2010 University of Buffalo ( NCAA D1)
2010 Indiana Invaders (USL PDL)
2011 SUNY-Brockport
2012-13 Rochester Rhinos (USL Pro)
2012-13 Rochester Lancers (MISL)

Our College Recruiting Program helps players and their families better understand the recruiting process and how to put together an effective recruiting game plan.

Steps in the Process
  1. Preparing academically.  
  2. Preparing athletically.  
  3. Identifying realistic college options.  
  4. Completing administrative preparations.  
  5. Generating contacts among these options. / Set up visits.  
  6. Following up on contacts.  
  7. Making a selection and committing.
9th Grade Checklist

Focus on Training & Academics


  • Meet your guidance counselor and discuss your plans for the next 4 years, research college requirements for high school courses
  • Build strong academic, language, mathematics and critical thinking skills by taking challenging  courses
  • Work on improving your GPA
  • Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (see last slide in packet for reference material)


  • Work hard during your HS soccer season, talk with your coach & find out what you need to work on specifically to be a better player
  • Participate on a top-level club soccer team with top-level training
  • Participate in top-quality tournaments with your club team (Disney Showcase)
  • Participate in Olympic Development Programs (ODP) with your state association
  • Create an initial "Potential list" of schools. Cast a wide net (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, Junior College, large and small, etc.)
  • In spring and summer, begin attending clinics and camps.  Remember, you are always being evaluated, both on and off the field.  Coaches are watching to determine how you will affect their team chemistry
  • Go to the college’s athletic website and register as a prospective athlete
10th Grade Checklist

Focus on Training & Academics - Start Researching Potential Colleges


  • Make an appointment with your guidance counselor so that you can discuss your plans for high school and college, inform them if you are considering a military academy upon graduation
  • Participate in a volunteer/service activity and other extracurricular activities both at school and in the community. A depth of involvement is important
  • Take the PSAT, begin SAT/ACT preparation studies


  • Thinking seriously about making the decision and commitment of being a Student/Athlete
  • Discuss with your club coach as to your realistic levels of college play
  • Attend at least one clinic and seriously think about attending at least one summer camp
    • Look for camps that will have the schools or similar type schools represented at the camp
  • Assemble your “Potential College List”, 8-10 colleges you may be interested in attending
  • You may send emails to “Potential College” coaches stating your interest in their program
  • Create a soccer resume, Start creating a video library (clips of plays)
  • Begin unofficial visits (10th – 11th grade) for campus experience, visit other campuses locally to understand difference in size of campus
  • Enroll with the NCAA Eligibility Center
11th Grade Checklist

Begin the Recruiting Process


  • Make an appointment with your guidance counselor so that you can discuss your plans for high school and college

  • If you are interested in a military academy or ROTC scholarship, begin the application process

  • Participate in a volunteer/service activity and other extracurricular activities both at school and in the community. A depth of involvement is important

  • Check with local school counselor for SAT & ACT registration deadlines, take SAT/ ACT

  • Obtain “Letters of Recommendations” & develop a “Reference” list

(D1, D2 coaches can email after July 1 of junior year, D3 coaches can communicate with you at any point)

  • Continue with a top-level soccer club, attending quality soccer tournaments & participating in ODP

  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

  • If possible, watch your target schools play during the fall. Make sure the coaches know you watched their teams (in emails for upcoming tournaments, etc.)

  • Determine which schools are truly interested. If you are being actively recruited, you will know it; if you’re unsure if a coach is interested, they probably aren’t. But there is no reason to guess, ask direct questions

  • Based on coach feedback, further narrow your list. Decide if you are aiming too high academically or athletically; if you are (i.e., none of the coaches on your list are actively recruiting you) adjust your list and get noticed by different coaches

  • Then be proactive! Send emails to “Preferred College” coaches stating your interest in their program with your tournaments and league schedules

12th Grade Checklist

College Coaches and Players Make Their Decisions


  • Write college essays (check college websites for essay requirements)

  • Fill out Transcript Release forms and provide to your guidance counselor for each college you are applying

  • Some colleges, as well as some college majors, require an admission interview. Be organized -make sure that you have met all the requirements for the interview

  • Review your financial package(s) (it will be a combination of funding sources)

  • Get financial aid forms: Federal Application Free Student Aid (FAFSA) which is required by all colleges (available in December) if you want to be eligible for financial aid. Parents should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible, but not before January

  • File Financial Aid Forms by January 1st

  • Read your respective Financial Aid Handbook in your county (usually distributed to seniors in February) for scholarship opportunities

  • Write schools if you will not accept their offer of admission

  • Complete housing and health forms

(D1 and D2 coaches can call you after September 1. D3 coaches can communicate with you at any point)

  • Most D1 and D2 programs will have made their decisions by the start of your senior year. Some D1 and D2 programs will have openings if one of their candidates changes his mind. The more competitive D3 programs will also have finished their recruiting by September 1

  • Lower level D1 and D2 programs could still be trying to fill their roster, especially if they found that most of their top prospects took other offers. Many D3 programs will be trying to complete their recruiting

  • You need to be cleared and declared eligible by the NCAA (Status is posted on your NCAA Eligibility Center account)

  • Arrange for an Official visit & interviews

  • Apply to at least three schools for possible admissions & inform your school counselor

  • Review acceptances & soccer offers - if you have not already, then choose the school of your choice

  • Notify the college you have chosen & notify other “Preferred Colleges” coaches of your decision

  • Sign “National Letter of Intent” - signing begins in February

  • Suggestion: Take time to thank all the coaches, mentors, & others that may have helped you along the process!

See the 2022 College Prep Program Presentation here.

College Athletic Organizations

National Collegiate Athletic Association

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

National Junior College Athletic Association

National Christian College Athletic Association

2022-23 Season SCU College Signings

College Signing Ehmer 2
College Signing Fontanin

2021-22 Season SCU College Signings

Brock Ehmer - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Wil Bell - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Koa Webb - Florida Institute of Technology
Emma Brosnihan - Francis Marion University
Abbey Brosnihan - Francis Marion University
Victoria Wehner - Florida Institute of Technology
Mia Lewis - Eastern Florida State College
Hannah Atchison - Eastern Florida State College
Brock Shoultz - Berry College
Logan Collins - Florida Institute of Technology
Andy Bennett - Florida Institute of Technology
Jacob Woods - Florida Institute of Technology
Chase Jansen - Chowan University
Seamus Feeney - Flagler College
Yorgen Torres - Trinity Baptist
Seamus Feenet - Flagler College
Conner Floyd
Isabella Ruggiano - Jacksonville University
Walker Johnson - College of Wooster
James Linnabary - New Hope College
Emma Pruett - Valdosta State University
Giovanni Dos Anjos - Eastern Florida State College
Kyla Williams - South Georgia State College
Esteban Son - Eastern Florida State College
Savannah Oxley - Florida Institute of Technology
Jaxon Supernaw - Eastern Florida State College
Claudia Nieves - Eastern Florida State College
Nyles Lockridge - Florida Southern College
Allison Worley - Troy University
Aden O’Hara - Colorado State University Pueblo
Caroline Boston - Daytona State College
Christian Martinez* - Eastern Florida State College
Jessica Martin* - Eastern Florida State College
Seamus Wixted* - Eastern Florida State College
*not pictured


Nathan Campbell, Eastern Florida State College
Kyle Ferguson, Eastern Florida State College
Reggie Nicolas, Jacksonville University
Kelli Lindquist, Eastern Florida State College
Jocelyn Williamson, Eastern Florida State College
Morgan Miller, Eastern Florida State College
Ali Tosches, Eastern Florida State College
JJ Bryant, University of North Florida
Sydney Lau, Louisiana State University
Brooke Walsh, Lipscomb University
Emily Bodi, Eastern Florida State College
Elena Barr, University Of Tampa
Alexis Peri, Eastern Florida State College
Layne Greenfield, Georgia Southern University
Andrew Angelone, Eastern Florida State College
Daniel Erb, Brevard College
Carlo Campanini, Florida Institute of Technology

SCUSC Alumni National and Professional Team Players

Kristin Grubka
National Team: U23
Professional: Sky Blue FC
College: Florida State

Michaela Hahn
National Team: U23
Professional: Western NY Flash 1st round draft
College: Florida State

Toni Pressley
National Team: U23
Professional: Orlando Pride
College: Florida State

Katie Stengel
National Team: U23
Professional: Washington Spirit
College: Wake Forest

Jackie Stengel
National Team: U23
Professional: Washington Spirit
College: NC State

Ella Stephan
National Team: U23
Professional: Glasgow City, Pali Blues
College: Florida State

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