2020-21 Competitive Coaches

Coach Profiles are found on Meet the Coaches.
Note: 2020 team assignments are subject to change. Some teams are dependent on the number of players who register.

Boys Teams

U0920122012 Boys Red/WhiteVladi CampoFCL
U1020112011 Boys RedVladi CampoFCL
U1020112011 Boys WhiteGeoff McGuireBYSL COMP
U1120102010 Boys RedNic NazonPRE-ECNL
U1120102010 Boys WhiteMatt BarberGCF
U1220092009 Boys RedNic NazonPRE-ECNL
U1220092009 Boys WhiteMatt BarberGCF
U1320082008 Boys RedDean FlextonECNL
U1320082008 Boys WhiteKevin SmithGCF
U1420072007 Boys RedDean FlextonECNL
U1420072007 Boys White 1Willie DaffronECNL RL
U1420072007 Boys White 2Alan LaddGCF
U1520062006 Boys RedScott ArmstrongECNL
U1520062006 Boys WhiteStephen DeckerECNL RL
U1620052005 Boys RedVince LaleauECNL
U1620052005 Boys WhiteStephen DeckerECNL RL
U1720042004 Boys RedNick RobinsonECNL
U1720042004 Boys White 1Taylor PittsECNL RL
U1720042004 Boys White 2Amil AllawasGCF
U18/193-Feb2003 Boys RedScott ArmstrongECNL
U18/193-Feb2002 Boys RedClovis SimasECNL RL
U1920022002 Boys WhiteAdrian MorenoGCF

Girls Teams

U0920122012 Girls RedGaby GraefeBYSL COMP
U1020112011 Girls RedJordan HumbertBYSL COMP
U1120102010 Girls RedAllie GoffECNL RL
U11/1210-Sep09/10 Girls WhiteManny PerezGCF
U1220092009 Girls RedHugh CousinsECNL RL
U1320082008 Girls RedJoey MessinaECNL RL
U13/148-Jul07/08 Girls WhiteChristofer FelberGCF
U1420072007 Girls RedJoey MessinaECNL RL
U1520062006 Girls RedVince LaleauECNL RL
U1620052005 Girls RedMike LordECNL RL
U1720042004 Girls RedMike LordECNL RL
U18/193-Feb02/03 Girls RedCal DixonECNL RL
U1920022002 Girls WhiteTaylor PittsGCF