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Competitive Teams

Competitive Schedules

Note: Schedules are dependent on the Team Manager updating the Teamsnap account.

Academy Teams

Name Schedule
9U 09 Boys Academy Red  Schedule
9U 09 Boys Academy White  Schedule
11U 08 Boys Red  Schedule
9U 09 Girls Academy  Schedule
11U 2008 Girls Red  Schedule


Name Schedule
19U 00 Boys Red  Schedule
19U 99 Girls Travel  Schedule
12U 06 Boys Travel  Schedule
15U 04 Boys Travel  Schedule
11U 07 Boys Travel  Schedule
18U 01 Girls Red  Schedule
16U 03 Boys Red  Schedule
16U 03 Girls Red  Schedule
19U 99 Boys Travel  Schedule
17U 02 Girls Red  Schedule
15U 04 Girls Red  Schedule
14U 05 Girls Red  Schedule
18U 01 Boys Red  Schedule
17U 02 Boys Red  Schedule
14U 05 Boys Red  Schedule


Name Schedule
11U 07 Girls Travel  Schedule
14U 04 Boys Travel White  Schedule
19U 00 Girls Red  Schedule
17U 01 Girls Travel White  Schedule
15U 03 Girls Travel White  Schedule
16U 02 Girls Travel White  Schedule
13U 2006 Girls Red  Schedule

Select Teams

Name Schedule
16U 02 Girls Select  Schedule
19U 99 Boys Select  Schedule
11U 07 Boys Select White  Schedule
18U 00 Boys Select  Schedule
15U 03 Boys Select  Schedule
17U 01 Boys Select  Schedule
16U 02 Boys Select  Schedule
14U 04 Boys Select  Schedule
19U 2000 Girls White  Schedule
12U 07 Boys White III  Schedule
12U 07 Boys White Team 1  Schedule
13U 06 Boys White  Schedule