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DO NOT start registration from your GotSoccer account.
Start registering FROM THE LINKS BELOW.
These will bring you to the correct GotSoccer login or Easy Register.

The Sibling Discount is now available to check without using a Family Account.


We have added a checkbox on the payment plan selection page to apply your deposit. Check the appropriate box according to what payment method and amount you paid - Cash/Check ($100) or Credit Card ($103). Use this feature only if you did not enter a Voucher Code.

Note: misuse of this credit by those who did not place a deposit will result in an account adjustment and a $50 penalty.


How do I Register?

Register from the links below. When you click the REGISTER HERE link below you will be brought to a GotSoccer login page. If you registered for Tryouts, you can use the EASY REGISTER login, which does not need a username or password.

To register directly from the player GotSoccer account, not using the links below, follow these instructions. You can enter Space Coast in the Club Name field. Be sure to register into the correct program.

What if I did not register for Tryouts?

If you did not register for Tryouts, you will need to click the Go To Login button and proceed from there. If you do not know your username or password use the Player Password Lookup link.

I cannot login to my account, what do I do?

If you are not able to access your account, send an email to with the player name and birth date. DO NOT MAKE A NEW GOTSOCCER ACCOUNT.

How do I get the Sibling Discount?

Space Coast United offers a $20 Comp sibling discount. There will be an option on the program page to check the Sibling Discount box. DO NOT check the box on the first registration, only on additional registrations. 

Why do the fees differ for Checks and Credit Cards?

SCUSC has in the past covered the processing fees for credit cards. This amounted to over ten thousand dollars. Instead of increasing all fees to cover this expense we are setting the payment options so that you can chose to avoid the fees by paying by check. Please understand this fee goes to the transaction processing company and SCUSC does not collect it for ourselves.


I'm having trouble with GotSoccer, who do I call?

GotSoccer support is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Call 904-746-4446.



Space Coast United offers fee structures based on league cost and state tournaments.

Please be sure to register into the correct program for your child. Follow the links below.

FIRST find the correct team, then click REGISTER HERE under the heading.

Player is on a 9U or 10U Academy Team
 9U 2009 Boys Academy - V. Campo
 9U 2009 Girls Academy - A. Campo
10U 2008 Boys Academy - Czerwinski
10U 2008 Girls Academy - Augustine (formerly Villaverde)

Player is on an 11U to 19U Select Team
11U 2007 Boys - Cousins
11U 2007 Boys - Laleau
11U 2007 Girls - Barber
12U 2006 Boys - Augustine
14U 2004 Boys - Nazon
15U 2003 Boys - Cousins
15U 2003 Girls - Messina
16U 2002 Boys - Moreno
17U 2001 Boys - Morrison
18U 2000 Boys - Moreno
19U 1999 Boys - Moreno
19U 1999 Girls - Barber

Player is on one of these Travel State Cup Teams
11U 2007 Girls - Dinnie
14U 2004 Boys - Pitts
15U 2003 Girls - Barber
16U 2002 Girls - Pitts
17U 2001 Girls - Potier (formerly Select)

Player is one of these Travel NPL/SRPL/FSPL/FPL Teams
11U 2007 Boys - Laleau
12U 2006 Boys - V. Campo
12U 2006 Girls - Esposito (formerly Villaverde)
13U 2005 Boys - Flexton
13U 2005 Girls - Cermak
14U 2004 Boys - Flexton
14U 2004 Girls - Cermak
15U 2003 Boys - Armstrong
15U 2003 Girls - Dixon
16U 2002 Boys - Twelvetrees
16U 2002 Girls - Dixon
17U 2001 Boys - Moon
17U 2001 Girls - Lord/Smith
18U 2000 Boys - Robinson
18U 2000 Girls - Lord
19U 1999 Boys - Robinson
19U 1999 Girls - Moon