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Sep, 2017

2017 Kick-A-Thon Kicks Off

Next week we kick off the 2017 Space Coast United Soccer Kick-A-Thon. If you have not already received a flyer and pledge form, they are available from your team manager.


The intention of this fundraiser is for the players to get sponsors from outside the club. We are emphatically not asking parents who already pay fees to shell out a little more. My son's sponsors last year did include other family members; but included friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even a server where we regularly have breakfast on Friday mornings as well. Businesses you frequent can definitely be Kick-A-Thon sponsors. Obtaining sponsors should be player-driven to the extent possible, recognizing that younger players may need parent assistance.


Member fees never cover 100% of the costs of operating a soccer club. We, and other 501(c)(3) youth sports organizations, always rely on business sponsors and fundraising events to cover our expenses. For more information about what it takes to operate a successful soccer club, please see the video presentation we published on our website. The numbers cited are from a previous year and therefore lower than our current budget, but the principles remain the same


In the past, the Club has hosted casino nights, held team basket raffles, sold discount cards, etc. We have found that events like the Kick-A-Thon better promote our mission “to provide high-quality soccer instruction to children in our community in a safe and fun environment” since it involves a soccer skill and enables the players themselves to participate.


Fundraising events are always necessary to cover our costs in general, but this year comes with some specific needs the Kick-A-Thon may directly benefit.

  • Hurricane Matthew mangled several of our goals at Viera.

  • The expansion to the Rockledge fields alleviated field utilization pressure, but came with equipment needs such as new goals, corner flags, field maintenance expenses, etc.

  • Our Academy and Comp team program grew by 20% over last year. Additional players do bring in member fee revenue, but these six new teams also come with additional costs.

  • Although the county owns the fields in Viera, it is entirely possible the Club may be asked to contribute to the cost of repairing Fields 3 and 4. This remains an ongoing discussion with the various organizations involved and an unknown at this time.


Some really cool prizes have been donated to Space Coast United this year for the teams and players who raise the most funds. They include a team party at Five Guys (parents too), gift cards to area restaurants, movie tickets, gift certificate to a spa, SCU logo shirts, and…Two Legend Suite tickets to the Spurs vs Magic game on October 27 that includes parking, and food and drink in the suite.


We greatly appreciate everyone’s support and challenge each player to raise at least $25. We had a number of players raise several hundred dollars each last year, so this should be an easy target to reach. Now let’s hope the weather cooperates!


Best Regards,

Ann Fuller

President, Board of Directors